Translation Services

Translation Services

I offer all types of translation, localization, proofreading and editing services based on your needs.

Text Translation

This type of translation includes all types of texts, documents, and articles. I will provide both bilingual and final translations. This service is best for personal documents and professional articles. Common documents include but are not limited to:

  • Websites
  • Scripts
  • Literary Articles
  • Immigrant Documents
  • Financial Documents
  • Academic Articles
  • Technical Documents

This level of translation will make the already translated document or product adapted to the target local culture. This service is best for clients in advertising and promotion. Common jobs include but are not limited to:

  • Software Localization
  • Game Localization
  • Film Localization
  • Commercial Localization
Book or chapter Translation

I am specialized in translating academic books. Fields I work on include:

  • History
  • Society and culture
  • Politics
  • Poems and literature
  • Biography

I will do proofreading on already finished or translated documents. I will check for the following errors.

  • Typos
  • Grammar Mistakes
  • Particle Issues
  • Number Agreement
  • Citations
  • Punctuation
  • Passive Voice Issues
  • Sentence Structure
  • Format
Substantive Editing

In addition to the services of proofreading above, I will improve the logic flow, consistency, and the expression of the text. In order to reach these, I will check and fix

  • Word Choice
  • Eliminate ambiguous, unclear terminologies.
  • Consistency
  • Style
  • Confusing language
  • Paragraph structure
  • Citation