Standard Mandarin Chinese Teaching

Standard Mandarin Chinese Teaching

I offer three types of Chinese Language Teaching based on your needs and time preferences.

General Chinese Language classes

After an assessment of your current ability of the Chinese language, I will prepare a lesson plan designed to improve your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. Every class will be 50 minutes via Skype or Facebook. Each class will pay special attention to:

  • Pinyin
  • Grammar
  • Vocabularies
  • Character Writing
  • Creative Writing

Conversational and Professional Speaking classes

Whether you need help preparing for a professional interview or would like to be more comfortable speaking to your friends from China, my tutoring sessions designed for improving your Chinese oral proficiency and interpersonal skills are tailored to your specific needs. After I assess your Chinese speaking level, our 30 minute session will include the following content:

  • Interview
  • Role Play
  • Free conversation
  • Debate

Examination Preparation

This service is designed for students who need additional help for professional examinations such as:

  • HSK
  • Flagship
  • High school and College exams